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Local Stabil-loc Foundation Repair Dealers in Louisville, KY

We have 2 local dealers in the Louisville, Kentucky area that provide services within 100 mile radius. All of our local dealers have complete certifications and offer quality work at competitive prices. Get a free structural evaluation with a written assessment for sinking foundation issues by contacting us today. We will then set up an appointment with our local dealer in your area.

Foundation Repair Baltimore Maryland

Licensed Contractors

Each Stabil-Loc contractor is licensed under the Louisville and Kentucky regulations Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances 150.083. We are certified and insured by other various aspects to provide efficient foundation repair.

Services Provided in Louisville

We use a 3-step process that consists of a thorough assessment of the foundation problem, planning and engineering the best effective action, and system installation. Our analysis of the property comes first, using advanced technology to measure where your home is sinking, how far into the ground it has shifted, and using that information to figure out the key pressure spots of your foundation. We then properly plan and coordinate where each foundation pier will be implemented at different points along your foundation. Finally, we install each pier methodically and lift your home back into place. This is a permanent solution to foundation failure.

 Problem assessment and engineering
 Provision of quotes for repair work
 Certified Structural Evaluations®
 Reinforcement of bowed basement wall
 Sinking foundation lifting and realignment
 Wall and floor crack repair
 All-inclusive foundation repair service

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