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To become a dealer of our patented foundation piers is a quick, easy, and painless process that only takes a minute of your time. We are a well established foundation piering company that has spread a market all over America, providing quality piering systems to franchises that need a better repair method than the average competitor. Competition is a known factor when trying to get into the foundation repair business, and you want to make sure you have the best piering method, practice, and product in the industry to get the job done right. Your customers depend on you, and you can depend on us to provide only the greatest in technology.

 Certified Structural Evaluator Certification
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Products & Systems Included

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Franchises Available

While we do not sell franchises, we do offer our franchises the opportunity to grow and develop their market area without unnecessary pressure from a large number of competitors offering the same product in that area. Depending on the size of the market area, we will limit the number of franchises and we will be very selective about the franchises we authorize.

Size and worth of the company is not as nearly as important as the desire to do business in a way that puts the needs of the customer first. Honesty, integrity, and a good business work ethic are the hallmarks of any successful company, and it is even more important in the foundation repair business. The customer cannot see the quality of your foundation repair system and its installation unless he stands and watches you install it.

You provide these qualities of business ethics, and the necessary input of effort and resources to generate leads, and we will participate in your endeavor with our product, our installation equipment, and our sales and technical expertise. We will provide you with all the necessary support material to guarantee your success.

We can help with the following:

Lead Generation

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Brochures
  • Dealer Profile Web Page
  • Lead, Bid, and Sales Letters


  • Installation Training Manual
  • Equipment Operation Training
  • On-Site Installation Training


  • Training Manual
  • Foundation Evaluation
  • Presentation Brochure
  • Closing the Sale
  • Signing the Contract


  • Engineering Reports

Post Sale

  • Warranties
  • Job Completion Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation

 Why Partner With Stabil-Loc?

We invite you to inspect our engineering test data, observe the installation process, analyze the technical support, initial start-up cost (the lowest in the industry), and draw your own conclusion.

After you complete your evaluation, ask yourself:

  • “Is this the type of piering system I would recommend to my customer?”
  • “Does it meet the standards of quality that I would bet my company’s reputation on?”
  • “Does this method of stabilizing a house “make sense”?”
  • “Am I honest and ethical in my business practices?”

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you are a good candidate to partner with Stabil-Loc in your area. Your initial investment will be minimal. We will provide everything needed to install your first job. You should recover the total cost of start-up with the completion of the first job.

Whether you are currently in the piering business and are looking for a better system, or you are in a related field such as waterproofing or drainage, and are tired of giving away foundation repair leads, we can help you differentiate yourself from your competitor and gain a competitive advantage. If this sounds interesting, give us a call or use the conta