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Local Foundation Repair Dealers in Traverse City, MI

We have a local dealer in the Traverse City, MI area who provide foundation repair service in a 100 mile radius. All our local dealers are fully certified professionals and offer top notch service at competitive prices. We use state of the art equipment along with latest tools that help us make accurate measurements and calculations to plan out the foundation repair process. If you are looking for a certified structural appraisal, an estimate of foundation repair cost or any foundation settlement issues, contact us today and we’ll set up an appointment with one of our local dealers in your area.

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Customer Reviews in the Traverse City Area

Average rating for Stabil-Loc Foundation Piering Systems is 4.95 stars of 5 stars – based on 274 reviews

Foundation Repair in Traverse City, MI

Not a bad company. I feel like they were a little bit pricey but they were the cheapest out of all the foundation contractors I’ve contacted this past week. Free evaluation is what sold me. Service was professional grade. Can’t ask for more.

Ben A. – Traverse City, MI 49696

Foundation Repair in Traverse City, MI

You guys repaired an ongoing problem that has been troublesome for 5 years now. Really appreciate the honesty on how many piers we NEEDED and not try to push more selling. Fair price and lifetime warranty is perfect

John R. – Traverse City, MI 49684

Licensed Contractors

Our dealers are licensed under Traverse City, Michigan, city building codes and regulations.

Potential of Foundation Problems in Traverse City, MI

Traverse City is located on a peninsula, and the soil is considered to be rather soft. This is one of the major concerns when it comes to analyzing construction mechanism. There need to be special precautions whenever constructing a building so as to ensure that the foundations are strong enough to support the city. Furthermore, the city is surrounded and marked by a waterway which means that the water-table underneath the city is rather high. This can again be a dangerous situation especially when it comes to the question of how strong the foundations of a building are. A greater water-table will lead to more seepage and thus weakened walls and foundations. Traverse City experiences very harsh winters which can also cause the soil to contract thus causing gaps in the foundations. This would be a major concern since gaps in the foundation could lead to more prominent cracks.

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